Compliance and Governance

We offer a combination of legal expertise and practical business insights to help you navigate through the web of compliance laws and procedures. From risk identification to risk mitigation, we work with you to craft solutions that will minimise compliance risks, while optimising business performance. Our services integrate a holistic approach that covers the whole cycle of compliance risk management. In particular, we have subject-matter experts specialising in areas such as financial services, competition, data protection and employment that can assist with your compliance efforts.

Our aim is to position compliance as part of a broader culture of corporate integrity, rather than isolated and onerous obligations. We want to help our clients recognise compliance as an enabler not only to avoid regulatory action, but also to enhance their long-term business success.

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One topical area for reform that has constantly been of discourse of late is political appointments in Government agencies. It is not to say that political appointments are legally wrong, but what is important is that the appointments are merit based. Individuals appointed should possess the necessary experience and qualifications to add value as members of the appointed institutions.

In this publication, Nik Norzrul Thani, Mohamad lzahar Mohamad lzham, and Liya Saffura Ab. Rashid will explore these concerns in the context of public sector governance and propose an integrated approach with the emergence of a Public Sector Corporate Governance Act to consider for potential reform.

Compliance and Governance

Public Sector Governance Act: The need for a Public Sector Governance Framework

This article explores the concerns of political appointments in Government agencies