About us

Zaid Ibrahim & Co is a full-service law firm and one of Malaysia's most highly regarded. With more than 120 lawyers, it has developed a reputation for devising innovative and practical solutions customised to our clients’ needs.

The firm’s impressive track record features engagements by local and multinational corporations on unique and complex commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions exercises, fund raising on large infrastructure projects in Asian emerging markets, as well as strategic law reform initiatives.

Zaid Ibrahim & Co provides legal services in association with KPMG Law. With more than 3,850 legal professionals in 83 jurisdictions in the KPMG network, KPMG Law network has one of the most extensive legal footprints in Asia, offering integrated and innovative legal services and technology solutions, a globally connected legal services platform, and specialists who can work with leading technology providers to modernise legal functions across organisations.

Why us?

We help companies thrive at home and abroad. Deep local roots and three decades of experience since 1987 allow us to provide effective and commercially driven solutions to our clients, and more crucially, develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Because we fully understand our clients’ business needs, we serve as their trusted business advisors and help them navigate complex legal and regulatory environments, right where they operate.

Not only do we understand the local nuances, we are among the privileged few to be consulted by the Malaysian Government and the Asian Development Bank on law reform. Today, more than ever, Southeast Asia brims with growth opportunities and our markets have piqued global business interests. We make it our business to keep a finger on the pulse of new developments in the region. We have guided our clients through downturns and upswings and helped them rebound. By helping them, we ourselves have grown in the process to become a multiyear award-winning firm.

Our lawyers are capable to assist in the English, Malay and Mandarin languages.

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